Newton Current Version

New Installations

If you are a registered Newton user, and are under a current annual maintenance plan, you can download the full version of Newton (and the USB drivers) from the link below. Instructions for downloading and installing Newton are available here.


Update Your Current Version

If you already have Newton installed you can update to the latest version here:


After updating, you can read about all new features, bug fixes, and improvements by clicking “Help” -> “New Features” on the main Newton menu, or by clicking here.

Newton Viewer

Newton Viewer can be installed and distributed free of charge. It allows Newton playback files (*.ucm, *.pbf) to be opened and viewed in full 3D. Users can pan, orbit, and zoom the model, as well as show/hide layers, change particle style and coloring, and more. Both single frame images (which are very small and easily distributed via E-mail) or full playback files can be opened.

Instructions for downloading, installing, and using Newton Viewer are available here.

Microsoft DirectX 9.0c

Both the full version of Newton and Newton Viewer the latest DirectX 9.0c drivers. These can be download from Microsoft’s web site here or from AC-Tek here.

Note that even though your computer might have newer versions of DirectX installed (DirectX 10, 11, or 12), this does not necessarily mean that you have the latest DirectX 9.0c drivers installed.